Data Privacy and Security: A FIRST Talks with Sam Sherman

‘FIRST in Class’ Vol. 1 – A FIRST Talks limited edition.

Earlier this month, FIRST VP of Risk and Compliance Officer, Sam Sherman, was a guest speaker at Fordham University School of Law. Sam spoke at a Privacy & Cybersecurity course in front of an audience of international professionals from various industries studying Corporate Ethics and Compliance at Fordham’s NYC campus.

Sam’s experience with risk and compliance made her the perfect candidate for this guest speaker role. Here is where risk and compliance come into play.

The primary focus of this discussion was the integration of data privacy and security in operations. During the talk, Sam discussed the preparation, maintenance, and establishment of data protection programs.

Establishing an effective security compliance program requires understanding the operations of the business, the legal requirements of various data privacy laws, and building effective partnerships and lines of communication across the business. Along with the standard for any effective compliance program such as documented processes and procedures.”

“Ensure you have senior level buy-in for data privacy and security matters, even at a basic operational level.”

Other topics included the issues that arise when a data protection program is implemented, which can be especially difficult when working across different countries. 

Contracts matter! Data privacy laws require paperwork between parties that clearly lays out their relationship and responsibilities to one another. This is true with third-party vendors.”

Sam also discussed how data privacy and security might look for small-to-medium sized businesses:

If your company is small-mid size, don’t think you have to do all of the work to implement, manage and maintain compliant data security operations on your own. There are great partners who can help with items from legal advice and drafting contract templates to conducting third-party risk assessments of partners.”

Data Privacy & Security

Finally, as a Risk and Compliance officer herself, Sam also spoke on the importance of her role in establishing this connection between data privacy and security and operations. 

Risk & Compliance professionals can be the bridge between the various departments who put security infrastructure into place and those whose operations may be impacted by data privacy laws; it helps if there are Risk & Compliance team members who understand the services and operations of the organization to craft policies and procedures that both protect the organization while not being overly burdensome to team members.”

woman standing in front of data projection

With data privacy and security becoming a more prevalent topic in today’s society, we are excited to see Sam utilize her expertise and knowledge to lead this important discussion. 

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