Inspiration Station: How Technology Enhances the Live Experience

Live Events and Experiences Are Back.


People are increasingly yearning for novel, interactive experiences that add value and are seen as something you can’t engage with online. Experiential technology is being used to enhance the live experience and satisfy this growing demand.

New frontiers in tech can be seen all over – from malls, to stadiums, to museums.

In this volume of our Inspiration Station, we showcase how brick and mortar spaces are beginning to offer experiential opportunities to create memorable engagements through technology.


Technology Enhancing The Fan Experience in Stadiums

In stadiums, fans have new expectations around what match days are like – they want to be entertained before, during, and after the game.

Major players in the smart stadium sector are focusing on the integration of advanced technologies to provide an immersive experience for fans. The global smart stadium market is expected to grow from $7 billion in 2021 to $9 billion in 2022. The market is expected to reach $22 billion in 2026.

“We’re competing against the 80-inch television in your living room,” said New York Islanders owner Jon Ledecky, after opening the $1 billion UBS Arena. “All these new arenas will have to give fans a reason to get up – go to their car and come to the event. If we don’t have a first-class experience, they’re going to watch the game at home.”

Stadium full of people

Virtual Reality

Canon’s AI Engine technology powers its new Viewpoint Video System, which is expected to revolutionize the viewing experience for live sports broadcasts and webcasts.

The technology would allow a “virtual camera” to move around and view the action from any vantage point in the 3D space. You could go to ground level to watch the action as if you were one of the players, or you could float up above them to check out the birds-eye view.

The Canon Free Viewpoint system is expected to be deployed at multiple professional basketball arenas in the U.S. and other premier sports venues worldwide.

Some organizations, including the Minnesota Vikings and Manchester City, are experimenting with VR broadcasts that allow for users to watch the game through a selection of different camera angles such as courtside, on-field action, and even VIP suites using Oculus headsets.

Photo by Canon

Canon Viewpoint technology

Augmented Reality

The Dallas Cowboys Use Augmented Reality that allows fans to ‘Pose With The Pros’. A photo kiosk located inside the 5G-enabled AT&T Stadium is offering fans the chance to snag a photo alongside a handful of their favorite Dallas Cowboy players.


The Future of Hologram Technology

Holograms are becoming even more real.

Proto, a company that allows a life-size hologram inside a 7-foot-tall box to interact with the audience, is at the forefront of the technology.

Driven by the pandemic to rethink work rules, corporations see holograms as an innovative way to communicate with employees and customers while cutting down on travel, whether for small meetings or larger conferences. What makes Proto unique is it requires the box, which creates the illusion of depth. Using pre-recorded footage or beaming in real time, Porto can bring keynote speakers, entertainment, or remote audiences into the same space.


Live Music and Experiential Technology

Coldplay’s Most Sustainable Tour Yet Has Kicked Off.

The band is making its “Music Of The Spheres” World Tour as sustainable and low-carbon as possible. To do this, they have now installed technology into every show – sourcing energy from solar panels, sustainable biofuels, and even through the audience’s movements.

Kinetic dance floors help generate energy to power the show through audience movement. Fans can also hop on one of the electricity-generating bikes that power the lights and cuts mainstream electricity usage down even more.

Solar panels are installed on venues ahead of each show, and the tour bus will be powered with biofuel where possible. To help cut energy usage for lighting and special effects, the show will upgrade to more efficient equipment, including low-energy LED screens, laser, and lighting systems, and a PA system with up to 50% less power consumption.

The band will also take steps to maximize water efficiency, cut waste, and encourage recycling. Fans will be able to drink free water with reusable aluminum cups and are encouraged to bring their own reusable bottles. In fact at some venues, the sale of single-use plastic water bottles will be banned entirely.

“We’re very conscious that the planet is facing a climate crisis,” the band wrote. “So we’ve spent the last two years consulting with environmental experts to make this tour as sustainable as possible and, just as importantly, to harness the tour’s potential to push things forward.”

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Retail Stores Using Tech to Engage Customers

Meta Store: A Hands-On Experience.

Meta opened Meta Store — their first retail space to discover their products; Meta Portal, Ray-Ban Stories, and Meta Quest 2 and try them out in person in Burlingame, California.

The Meta Store features an interactive display wall and an immersive demo area, where you can try games on the large, wall-to-wall curved LED screen that displays what you’re seeing in-headset. You’ll also get a 30-second mixed reality clip of your demo experience that’s yours to share.

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Burberry’s ‘Social’ Store is Built on Digital Interactions

Burberry has opened its first ‘social’ shopping store in China, integrating WeChat into how visitors interact, like reserving fitting rooms and revealing secret menu items at the café.

Using WeChat, customers are matched with animal avatars that let them earn social currency; the more they interact with the app and spend with the brand, the more rewards are unlocked, evolving the avatar into different animals that then grant more store privileges like accessing the store’s exclusive Trench Room.

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Digital Art and Experiential Technology


NFT Vending Machines Emerge in New York

Vending machines dispense all sorts of offbeat things these days and now it’s time to add NFTs to the list.

NFTs are unique digital assets — often works of art, game characters, and other creative products — that are recorded on a blockchain.

The NFT ATM works very similarly to traditional ATMs. You can purchase NFTs through the machine with your credit or debit card, and it will dispense boxes that contain unique codes that you can redeem. To their surprise, buyers will not know what NFT they’re getting until they redeem it.

Doja Cat Creates the World’s First Codable Music Video

The interactive experience, DojaCode, aims to encourage young girls and demonstrate how creative and enjoyable STEM jobs can be. DojaCode allows fans to control certain components of the music video through the use of code, sitting in the director’s chair and changing important creative elements of the video. Users can make fun adjustments such as painting a character’s nails or customizing the night sky to a time zone of their choice

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