The Top 5 Creative Things We’re Seeing

A sense of community and belonging has brought the world closer together. We’re excited, motivated, and reinvigorated about the creativity that has come from it!

We’ve rounded up the top five creative ideas we’re seeing to help you engage virtual attendees, bring people together in new ways, and help you connect to anyone, anywhere in the world.

Here are the top five creative things we’ve seen from the month of May.

1. Augmented Reality / Virtual Reality Worlds

Today’s technology allows us to combine the real and virtual worlds through augmented reality. Developer Cyril Diagne demonstrates how AR can be the perfect tool to quickly grab visuals from the real world and paste them into digital documents. Just point your phone at what you want to copy, and drag it over to your desktop. This is only a research prototype right now, but a few companies are already working on similar software.

Virtual concerts have brought to life a new world for an artist to engage with fans. Fortnite celebrated its new Party Royale mode with a surprise in-game performance from Diplo, who performed his Major Lazer set live. The new mode promises “a new experimental and evolving space” for players to hang out, play minigames, or watch live concerts by musical artists.

We have seen several platforms develop for businesses that have also turned to virtual events as a solution during this time. ARHT Media Inc., a leader in holographic telepresence technology, launched a Virtual Global Stage, an online experience that beams in people from around the world onto one digital stage.

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AR/VR man in home space

2. Apps That Adapt

Not only are we learning to adapt during this challenging time, but the apps we know and love are evolving with us, along with new apps born out of new challenges that we are facing.

A big challenge stores and events are facing or will face, is line and capacity management. A new app, Safe Queue, is designed to allow stores to manage the flow of customers digitally, so that customers can wait inside their cars or nearby until it’s time to shop. The app is GPS-based and knows when you’re within 1,000 ft. of a store and lets you enter the virtual line.

Apps have started to include audio-based elements to replicate the real-world interactions we have. Cuppa, for instance, is a “virtual coffee shop” and Stationhead is radio station for you and your friends. TTYL is an app with an audio social network aspect that lets users hang out in chat rooms with up to seven other friends. High Fidelity is an audio-based virtual event platform for those want to experience the joys of wandering at a festival. Originally built for gaming, Discord lets communities spontaneously connect through video, voice, and chat rooms. Bunch allows video chats overlayed on mobile gaming, and is also climbing the charts with users chatting for 1.5 million minutes per day.

Philips making PeopleCount Ad

3. Swag That Gives Back

Not being able to give back to the community in-person has created a push for ways to contribute in a virtually creative way.

The famous duo, Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher, created a Quarantine-themed wine that raises proceeds for multiple COVID-19 response efforts. The Oregon Pinot Noir has an interactive label to write or draw who you are toasting to on it – with 100% of the profits going to various charities.

A particularly unique gift from Elvis & Kresse helps rescue raw materials such as damaged or uncommission firehoses into luxury leather items, while donating 50% of profits.

recycled bag

4. The Future of Entertainment

Individuals around the world are increasingly turning to music for a sense of community. Here are a few key findings during this time: people want new music, consumer demand for entertainment subscriptions has improved and people are eager for live music but do have health concerns.

Below are some exciting new music-focused platforms:

‘Distance Disco’ is an engaging online game that can bring people together through a digital matchmaking dance party where you can invite your friends, dance together, and try to find the person dancing to the same song as you.

Using TribeRX DJ, you can take live classes with real DJs in VR. Import your own music and do back-to-back sets on professional equipment with friends from anywhere in the world. Then, experience the joy of performing for your community and livestream your skills to the real world.

Wave is a platform that allows artists to create their own digital avatar, letting them perform live in an immersive and virtual world with motion-capture technology that builds a world around them. Fans can become audience avatars by joining the chat, allowing each One Wave show to unite fans and artists in shared space and time.

John Lennon animated presentation

5. COVID-19 Fashion

Designers around the world are coming up with new ideas and re-writing the rules of fashion. Production Club, a design studio in Los Angeles, has come up with a prototype for a personal protective suit tailored to concertgoers, dubbed Micrashell. The suit could allow a safe way to attend events without having to stand six feet apart. The suit has a clear shield for good visibility, wireless voice communication, a video camera, and an accompanying app. The suit’s dome features a ventilation system like an N-95 mask. With lights along the suit, you can change colors according to user’s mood or display messages.

If you’re tired of wearing a DIY mask, a new hoodie offers another option: a built-in mask, made from a material that can filter out more germs than an N95 mask, zips up into the hood. The hoodie is the latest design from G95, a company that also makes scarves that double as air filters.

Mannequin in future suit

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