FIRST Vice President, Experiential Strategy, Adam Suellentrop, and Vice President of Strategy, Jen Kauf, will present a session at The Special Event 2018 in New Orleans called “Apply Themes of Festivalization to Your Next B2B Event”.

Adam and Jen will be speaking from a wealth of knowledge and experience on the changing landscape of B2B events at the conference on Tuesday, January 30 at 9:45 am.

The Special Event is an industry-leading tradeshow and conference, welcoming over 5,000 attendees including industry professionals, exhibitors, and mentors. The duo will cover the landscapes of festivalization: WHAT are the numbers, WHY does the trend matter in B2B events, and WHY now.

The session will use video and 360-degree digital components, audience interaction, and question opportunities, as Jen and Adam discuss how to incorporate best practices from festivals into your b-to-b event’s objectives, a presentation not to be missed.

2018 The Special Event talk