FIRST Takes Video Series – Vol.2

FIRST is excited to share the 2nd volume of our new video series, FIRST Takes.


We’ve curated FIRST experts globally to share insights, trends, and updates within the event marketing industry. We’ll be releasing each Take on different subjects ranging from trends in hybrid experiences to the latest in Venue news.

In case you’ve missed the 1st volume of our FIRST Takes video series, you can watch it here.

FIRST Hybrid Philosophies

As a brand experience agency, FIRST defines hybrid events as simple as decentralized audiences receiving content from different channels. We spoke to Michael Reese, SVP, Creative, who sheds light on our five hybrid best practices.

#1. Challenge the norm: Think differently about attendee engagement, whether they are live in the room, virtual, or viewing content on-demand.

#2. Go back to the basics: Start with the goals and make sure teams are focused and rallying around those goals. 

#3. Maximize the experience: Audiences want choices in how they engage with content. Whether we’re asking audiences to travel and be in-person, or asking them to view it at home in real-time or watch it on-demand later, each delivery method needs to be intentional, engaging, and fulfilling. 

#4 Rethink the budgets: If we’re aligned on the priorities, we can point spend to maximize the experience. In-person and broadcast budgets will adjust based on event goals.

#5. Don’t assume it’s a hybrid event at all: A hybrid event is not sticking a camera in the back of a room. Some messages are better delivered by well-produced, shorter snippets of on-demand video content while other times it’s all about in-person networking

FIRST Event Tech Specialists

Our Event Technology Director, Amy Karwoski discusses how brands can elevate the audience experience by utilizing newer, more effective technologies.

Amy looks at the tech available just a year-and-a-half ago, compared to where it is today. She notes a progression from booking platforms and mobile apps, which were optional and “just a piece of the event puzzle” to now, where digital tech is at the epicenter of the event experience.

Amy also touches on how digital tech is now pivotal as a conduit to deliver content to attendees and to gather important insights for our brands. Finally, she deconstructs experiential tech, providing examples of the potential of gamification in increasing engagement.

All that in a mere 2 minutes!

Content Specialists

What is content?

Olly Adams describes content, at its core, as information. Content marketing is content used to attract customers and content strategy is the process of taking wider business goals and formulating a content plan to hit those goals.

Data & Insights Specialist

Our Group Information Technology Director, Phil Staines, discusses the value of understanding data & insights, and its importance in building brand experiences for the future.

The process of transforming data into meaningful audience insights is what we do best. By using data & insights, brands can find better ways to engage their audiences, ultimately improving their attendee experiences.

With audiences continuously increasing their expectations, it is now vital for brands to start leveraging data & insights in order to improve the ways they engage, interact, and connect when delivering brand experiences.

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