FIRST Takes Video Series – Vol.1

FIRST is excited to share a new video series, FIRST Takes.


We’ve curated FIRST experts globally to share insights, trends, and updates within the event marketing industry. We’ll be releasing each Take on different subjects ranging from trends in hybrid experiences to the latest in Venue news.


Our Head of Strategy for FIRST, supporting Google, Adam Suellentrop provides a glimpse into where he gets his inspiration from and what makes him tick. Citing his love of New York City, Adam demonstrates how immersing yourself in an environment that stimulates the senses can lead to more experimental brand experiences.

Touching on trends such as the increased importance of intimacy, the exploration of new spaces, and the importance of surprise and delight moments, he connects the dots between the innovations all around us and the breakthroughs for brand marketers.

Check out the first video of our FIRST Takes series for a quick dose of inspiration!


In this bitesize overview, Jen Kauf our SVP, Creative Strategy & Brand Marketing at FIRST, shares her top 5 brand experience trends.

Diving deeper into how to effectively harness data to provide more strategic experiences, Jen covers topics such as the increasing importance of accessibility and inclusivity; the abundance of choice; and how vital it is to create hyper-personalized experiences.

Sharing her insight into the priorities of a shifting brand experience landscape, Jen also touches on why brands must adapt their live experience formats in an evolved world and how if content strategy is still King, then emotion is now Queen!


As the pandemic continues to shape the future of events, Director of Venue Sourcing, Victoria Deluise, and Venue Sourcing Manager, Kim Fields, share the top 5 top trends in venues.

They touch on how venues now offer flexible offerings due to the constantly changing pandemic restrictions and the “let me upgrade you” phenomenon, which represents how hotels now provide enhanced internet bandwidth capabilities due to the demanding evolution of hybrid events.

They discuss the importance of a tailored attendee journey strategy and emphasize that the “sky is the limit” when selecting a new venue for an event.


Account Director, Theo Brown, describes how the pandemic has impacted how we engage with audiences.

Prior, we were focused on engaging through face-to-face, deep, meaningful engagements with a small audience.

Now, we’ve shifted to an accelerated engagement at scale. We can now engage audiences across time zones and regions which has opened up the possibility to match engagement to the needs of the audience.


Our VP of Client Services, Paul Stephenson shares his insights from over 14 years of experience at FIRST, working alongside our private equity and financial investment clients. Paul provides guidance on everything from content strategy to creating impactful connections with investors.

He shares his thoughts on the latest changes to the financial industry and how firms are now engaging with investors in 2021. With shorter lead times, clients are seeking alternative methods to their typical conferences and dedicated resources appear to be in demand more than ever.

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