This panel knows how crucial venue sourcing is to the success of an event. The venue creates a canvas that allows event planners to establish an atmosphere, an experience, and a brand in order to connect with attendees in a more impactful way. However, global occurrences within the past few years have drastically changed the event venue-sourcing landscape, creating unique hurdles for venue-sourcing teams to navigate. Still, Victoria, and the rest of the EventCombo panel, had some insights and tips to share!

The current events and venue sourcing landscape is constantly changing based on external geopolitical, economic, and social factors. Currently, live events are in full swing, and, in response, venues are booked and busy. Due to this, lead times are shorter, and event professionals may have to be more flexible regarding the date and location of their events to get a suitable venue. The venue sourcing process becomes even more challenging when brands have specific needs that must be met. A common thread we see in the industry is the need for sustainable venues as more companies are now committing to sustainable practices.

Zoom Call Discussion