Sustainability at FIRST | Paramount: People, Purpose, Planet

Our responsible business commitments are driven by a dedicated team operating under the name of Paramount, whose mission is to build a culture that supports People, Purpose & Planet. It is supported by our Corporate Governance to ensure that FIRST operates efficiently, legally, and ethically in a transparent and accountable manner.

At FIRST, we understand our actions matter. As individuals. As a collective. To our communities.

Our goal is to be constantly innovating and educating to create tangible change. To not just offset, but to actively increase our positive impact on both our People & our Planet. 


Paramount is driven by 5 strategic engagements that cover the Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) aspects of our business.

“We’re taking responsibility and demanding accountability”  

Understanding both the impact and the influence our industry has and pursuing tangible long-term positive change. 

We have identified our significant impacts and ensure we address them through clear and measurable objectives. Our leadership is accountable for the improvement of our performance, and we’re updating our governance processes. 

“We’re setting the standard”

By holding ourselves to a higher standard, we can set an example for our clients and partners.

We have robust processes against human trafficking and slavery, encourage supplier diversity, and are implementing a supply chain ESG performance monitoring system. Collaboration and dialogue are key drivers. 

“We’re working together”

Educating and empowering our clients, our employees, and our communities. Hearing every voice, analyzing every impact, and lifting each other up.

We are currently establishing our engagement plan with our stakeholders to ensure they can participate in our responsible business strategy. Our immediate focus is on bringing our internal teams up to speed with sustainability challenges.

We’re reducing our environmental impact

Sharing efforts and strategies to maintain accountability and inspiring collaboration on shared goals

As we are building and deploying our responsible business plan, we are committed to measuring and communicating our performance on our ESG objectives.  It includes the environmental impacts and carbon footprint of our organization to minimize our impact. 

“We’re delivering”

Utilizing our award-winning talent, strategic expertise, data and insight services, and global industry influence to shift mindsets and behaviors.

We dedicate time and resources to add value to our stakeholders and support them in producing inspiring and more sustainable experiences. We’re upgrading our services to make that sustainable shift happen.

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