Univision Upfront


Break with tradition and create an Upfront that was more than just a presentation, but rather an immersive, connected experience. One that would allow buyers to better experience first-hand the combination of content and culture, bring the portfolio of networks to life, and appropriately position Univision as America’s Hispanic Superbrand.


Because Univision’s content is primarily in Spanish and features cultural themes that are often unfamiliar to the majority of attendees, we needed to find a way to connect the brand and people. To work around the language barrier, we created a non-traditional, experiential activation to engage with content first hand.

FIRST delivered a cycle of presentations and interactive experiences for 1,500 guests to explore and immerse themselves in Univision’s programming.

The multi-room/multi-floor experience housed powerful presentations with immersive scenic and AV, and several interactive experiences highlighting Univision’s diverse brands and offerings.

Univision Upfront 2019 Sports Activation
Univision Upfront 2019 New York


FIRST managed and delivered the Upfront experience at Center 415 in NYC, an industrial yet modern venue featuring multiple rooms over two floors, helping to facilitate the museum-like experience.

We created the attendee journey through bold wayfinding that allowed guests to explore on their own, while also hitting all of the critical information and data points no matter what pathway they took.

Attendees explored and interacted with the content experiences including a slow-motion confetti photobooth, a soccer skills challenge, karaoke booths, and a mermaid-sequined stage for salsa dancers.

Univision Upfront 2019 Activation
Univision Upfront 2019 Event Design


Guests were wowed by what was at first the venue’s biggest challenge: obstructive pillars. The structural columns were covered in LED and mirrored materials to expand and reflect video surfaces, surrounding guests in the powerful content no matter where they sat.

As each presentation came to a close, a stylishly-designed, interactive sangria wall was revealed where guests could access cocktails via self-help dispensers. This also functioned to lure guests along the linear path to explore the programming via hands-on activations.

Each session ended with high-energy musical performances from hit Hispanic singers Amara La Negra and Camilo, with DJ sets by C-Lo and Bacan Bacan.

Univision Upfront 2019 Sangria Wall


1,500 guests over 2 days

50+ products, channels, and new shows highlighted

15+ experiences over 2 floors

1,000+ square footage of floor graphics

30,000 + square feet of Center 415 transformed to showcase Univision as America’s #1 Hispanic Superbrand

The success of the event carried on after the two-day experience, beating Univision’s sales targets by July 2019 (2 months before their goal) and increased primetime audience by 33% for four consecutive weeks.

Event Marketer Ex Award Finalist for Best Production Of An Event (B-to-B)

Event Marketer Experience Design & Technology Bronze Award for Best Stage Experience

Univision Upfront 2019 Sports Activation Soccer
Univision Upfront 2019 Music Entertainment