Gear Patrol STOCKED


Launch Gear Patrol’s inaugural brand event, ‘STOCKED’ – an unmissable experience that celebrated their brand as an online curator and marketplace for all of “Life’s Pursuits”.

The main objectives of the 2-day event was to increase Gear Patrol’s brand recognition, generate rich content marketing year round, and build a path toward long term profitability to monetize the event and get more out of the brand equity already built.

Gear Patrol Stocked 2019 Conference
Gear Patrol Stocked 2019 Event


To appeal to their audiences, FIRST designed the event by combining event styles: lifestyle expo, niche thought leadership conference, and a pop-up shop – all in one.

FIRST strategically sourced the venue The Classic Car Club in Manhattan to host the event with the intent to highlight the venue’s features including the large glass windows, raw industrial feel, and take advantage of the indoor/outdoor settings on the pier.



Gear Patrol Stocked 2019 Panel


The event featured key products and delivered opportunities for learning for both product marketers and product enthusiasts – their core audiences.

The event featured everything from motorcycles to luxury vacuums while getting guests active and learning, all with a style and tone that felt uniquely Gear Patrol. The stage was strategically designed to look and feel like an extension of the venue, raw elements and stylish decor. The open floor plan design allowed for a free flow and versatile modes – between localized product demos at booths or keynotes from a central stage. The energy shifted between discovery and exploration, to inward shared moments with speakers from the stage.

Presentations took a deep dive with Gear Patrol editors on the best products of the year and concluded with storytelling from adventure photographer Chris Burkard and the Creative Director of The North Face. A crowd highlight featured two bike riders making their way around the crowd and then on stage for a head-to-head review. The product showcase the next day featured 18 brands including Hill City, Dyson, Sieko, Brooklyn Brewery and more.

We took advantage of the outdoor space by incorporating cocktails and a whiskey tasting with sponsor Knob Creek along with light bites and music, and a Hill City sponsored stretching class overlooking the water.


Gear Patrol Stocked 2019 Product Showcase
Gear Patrol Stocked 2019 Keynote


   Attendee and client quotes praised the event’s success:

  • “Everyone here at Gear Patrol was completely blown away by the level of service, professionalism and creativity demonstrated daily by the team at FIRST. I honestly looked forward to opening every email from their team. I knew that even if an issue arose, they’d immediately have a solution already in place to deal with it.” – Kyle Snarr, Head of Marketing at Gear Patrol
  • “Loved every minute of it. Was impressed with the quality of the panels and product demos as well as the brands represented in the space. Overall, an awesome and valuable event.” – Matt A.
  • “A very Gear Patrol event – unabashedly gear-nerdy, somehow equally fancy and casual, engaging, educational, charming and energizing.” – Rosie M


Gear Patrol Stocked 2019 Product Showcase
Gear Patrol Stocked 2019 Classic Car Club Venue Conferece


Sold Out Event

Generated ~9 Million Media And Social Impressions

18 Brands Participated

Gear Patrol Stocked event conversation