Transforming a Digital Experience into a Live Event with The New York Times

The New York Times’ Gwynne Wardrop and FIRST’s Jennifer Kauf, will present a must-see session at Event Marketer’s Experiential Marketing Summit in Las Vegas next month. The session, ‘Transforming a Digital Experience into a Live Event’, will take place on Wednesday, May 15, from 3:45-4:30 pm. Speaking from a wealth of knowledge and experience, Gwynne and Jennifer will discuss today’s trends in experiential events and digital content.


Transforming a digital experience event
NYT live event discussion panel

Throughout the session, Gwynne and Jennifer will delve into how digital products and online content create a unique and impactful opportunity in face-to-face engagements. They will share best practices for translating brands, digital media, and thought leaders into vibrant centerpieces of live events. Attendees will see it all in context through several New York Times and FIRST case studies, including the New Work Summit, New Rules Summit, and more.

The Experiential Marketing Summit is an industry-leading experiential marketing conference, welcoming over 1,800 attendees including industry professionals, marketers, exhibitors, and mentors.

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More on Jennifer Kauf, Senior Vice President, Creative Strategy & Brand Marketing, FIRST

Building a client’s story into an engaging live event requires both business savvy and creative flair. It’s a balancing act Jen executes with precision, bringing objective-driven strategies and innovative thinking in equal measure to every corporate meeting or event brought her way. Throughout her career in experiential marketing, Jen has crafted a variety of award-winning event marketing initiatives, guerrilla programs, and promotional campaigns for brands such as GE, NBC Universal, and A&E. During her tenure with FIRST, Jen has overseen the creative development process for experiences including The New York Times thought leadership conferences, AOL NewFronts, Mastercard Sales Leadership Meetings, and Samsung product launches.

For more information on the summit and to view the full program, head to The Experiential Marketing Summit.

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