The Top 5 Creative Things We’re Seeing

With most of the world in quarantine, creativity has flourished and emerging markets are pushing ahead to adapt to the new needs of consumers. Stay-at-home orders and travel limitations are bringing about new and creative ways to connect virtually, bringing engaging experiences online.

Nothing compares to face-to-face interaction, but when that is not possible, there are other ways to create memorable experiences. We’ve rounded up the top 5 creative ideas we’re seeing to help you engage virtual attendees, bring a little happiness to your day, and help you connect to anyone, anywhere in the world.

Here are the top 5 creative things we’ve seen from the month of April.

1. Fashion and Beauty Brands Are Taking Augmented Reality More Seriously

As more retail stores temporarily close, brands must navigate how to best represent themselves to mobile and online shoppers. Many are turning to AR, augmented reality, which has shown to increase engagement and conversion and is becoming both more accessible to brands and more familiar to consumers. Now, an online shopper can better understand the size of a designer bag by visualizing it on their kitchen table, while someone else might be convinced to buy a sneaker after seeing how it will look on their feet. Instagram began testing AR try-ons and in the first two months, it found that 24% of people who viewed a product page used the AR try-on feature and people on average tried on three different AR products. Shopify has found that viewing 3D products in AR increases conversion rates by up to 250%.

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brands using AR technology for sunglasses

2. This Street in Ireland is Projecting Open-air Movies To Watch Together

You might have never spoken to your neighbors before, but now communities around the world are coming together to support each other, by helping out with groceries or delivering much-needed medication. Some streets now have newly-formed Whatsapp groups. A square in London has joined together to do regular aerobics classes from their doorsteps. A terrace in Cork, Ireland got in on the action. They’ve been projecting classic movies onto the sides of one of the houses in their street, and all watching the films together – from their separate front gardens, of course. The residents of Windmill Road have been able to listen along to the projection using an FM radio signal. They also raised money for charity, with any donations going to Irish charity Age Action.

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projection of movie on building exterior wall
3. Airbnb’s Online Experiences Around The World

Get to know hosts who share their expertise and join them in a variety of experiences, all done online. Meet people from all over the world while learning something new together. Experiences include meditating with a Japanese Buddhist monk, creative drawing with a cartoonist from Mexico, and cooking with a Moroccan family, to name a few.

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group video conference with HD quality

4. Virtual Ice Breakers, and Teambuilding Activities

There are virtual icebreakers and team building activities that can help you network, connect, play, or simply spark candid conversations.

Consider hosting a virtual happy hour while also supporting local bars and restaurants. Groups can choose a time to connect and select a local small business to donate to or buy a gift card as their “tab.”

Try a virtual paint night for private groups, led by an expert host, with materials shipped directly to participants.

A remote lip sync battle can be orchestrated for groups to record and upload videos to edit into a fun, shareable video. The experience works for groups around the world, and can be as large as 200 people.

A magic and mentalist act can stream their live show from their studios to create digital illusions, which can be fully interactive and customizable.

Photo booth companies have launched a browser-based, virtual photo booth for brands and remote teams planning virtual events, conferences, and parties. The experience can be fully branded with a custom start screen, color scheme, URL, overlays, stickers, and more; there’s also an optional AI background removal software that allows for branded or themed backgrounds.

Use online generators to bring people together, spark new connections, and have fun together. Pick a topic and a time, send invites, and tee up a set of conversation games. You can start in a lively real-time group chat where you can watch YouTube videos together, have a speaker address the group live, and then kick off games that match participants 1-on-1 over video. With prompt cards, it’s easy to connect and share, whether you’re total strangers or longtime friends, or colleagues.

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virtual painting class

5. Art That Provides Social Distancing Guidelines

The coronavirus has forced us to rethink how close we are to each other. Businesses—and entire cities—have had to get creative about how they impose the six feet apart guideline. A humble roll of tape has proven an effective way to promote these practices, and the Instagram account @tape_measures chronicles how this looks around Singapore. The use of tape demonstrates its power to curb human behavior as well as its versatility. The most common way is to deter people from sitting or standing in certain places. But, it’s also an effective tool for way-finding. The most striking thing about it is the unintended beauty from the geometric design elements—made using tape—adds an unexpected pop of color to an otherwise ordinary place.

stadium cement seating

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