Supercharge Your Hybrid Brand Experience for Maximum Payoff

Hybrid Experiences

With advances in tech and the power of multi-platform amplification now realized, hybrid experiences are here to stay. Supercharging the overall effectiveness of the brand experience, they not only bring the physical experience to audiences around the globe, but can allow remote audiences to participate in the event. In fact, it can encompass all manner of concepts… and that’s what makes it so exciting.


It’s a format full of potential. By combining a mix of realities with state-of-the-art platforms, in-person entertainment, and emerging tech, brands can now connect with their audiences in ways that weren’t fully realized in the past.

From hyper-local activations to socially distant live entertainment, there’s been a revolution in an already exciting world of live experiences. Attendees now have more choice than ever on where, when, and how to attend. The best part? It’s a sustainable model too. 2020 taught us that we can enhance our offering, while being more environmentally friendly.


Now, hybrid formats are going to accelerate along with advancements in AI and new forms of content. So it’s vital to think beyond the experience to things like: data, authenticity, omnichannel engagement, and personalization. Let’s take a look at hybrid in 2021…

Inspiration Station for hybrid experiences

Remote Interaction

Thanks to some creative tech innovations, hybrid experiences provide some interesting opportunities for audience participation, both for in-person and at-home attendees. Ironically, the pursuit of reaching far away audiences has actually resulted in them having a more up-close and personal experience with those in the limelight.

Verizon Super Bowl 2021

To showcase the power of their 5G and unite fans in a safe way, Verizon brought this year’s Super Bowl to life in Fortnite. A virtual stadium allowed gamers to interact with NFL players and pro gamers, as well as play games that were streamed on Twitch and Verizon’s Twitter page. 

In addition to enabling 5G in the stadium, they also offered iPhone 12 users seven different camera angles through the NFL app (or five angles if they were at home). Users could even project augmented reality stats over the players. AThey live-streamed a star-studded after-party concert.

Check it out for yourself here!

graphic of superbowl liv stadium for Verizon

Visible – Red Rocks Unpaused

To drive brand engagement and connect with their audience, Visible set a new standard for hybrid by blending live performances with technology designed to give remote attendees control of their own unique three-day festival experience.

The carrier held its first Red Rocks Unpaused, where guests could “attend” the festival on a custom microsite, and not only interact with the performers, but control the venue itself. Attendees could change camera angles to customize their viewing experience, use clickable tools to activate art projections and lighting on the stage and rock backdrop… They could even send messages that were projected for the artists on stage to see.

Find out more here


Mixing Realities

The lines between the physical and digital elements of a hybrid brand experience are becoming increasingly blurred. Physical environments are now commonly transformed into the virtual space, and the previously unsuspecting digital realms are now finding their way into our everyday reality.

Project Codemiko

With 2 million+ active broadcasters now on Twitch, Codemiko has taken audience engagement to a whole new level. By using the Unreal Engine software and a motion capture suit (costing $30,000+!), the developer maps her avatar to perfectly mirror her own movements. 

The sophisticated digital undertaking is designed to be ‘quasi interactive.’ Meaning that viewers can alter the character’s physical characteristics and surroundings by engaging in chat. The interactive nature of the stream is demonstrated through a mirrored split screen. She even mapped her phone to the avatar’s phone. Incredible.

Find out more here

3-D avatar with code miko twitch

Super Nintendo World

Fans around the world can now experience a virtual tour of Japan’s Super Nintendo World, bringing the physical world into the digital. While in the real world park itself visitors are provided with innovative wearable technology that helps bring the digital world of gaming into the physical. Guests wearing the power-up band will be able to punch blocks, collect virtual coins and more, just like Mario and Luigi do it on the video games. A whole new hybrid concept.

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animated experience at super mario world in Japan

What’s Next?

In-person events will likely never be the same again. So what do the next few years have in store? Well, we can only speculate, but the following examples seemed to paint a realistic picture of what’s to come.

PRIMA-CoV Study Demonstrates Viability of Non-Socially Distanced Events

In December, scientists in Barcelona trialed a concert without social distancing in the hopes of bringing back live music in 2021. Attendees were provided with rapid antigen and PCR tests before entering to demonstrate the viability of such gatherings. The results are in… Researchers said that running an event in this way is ‘not associated with an increase in Covid-19 infections’ as long as safety measures are taken (obligatory mask-wearing, hand sanitization, one-way systems, and proper ventilation).

Find out more here

bar with large crowd wearing masks

Singapore envisions the future of Business Events 

Thanks to government support, Singapore has been leading the charge for the MICE industry in the new normal; delivering a number of hybrid conference and exhibition-style events in recent months. Now, the Singapore Exhibition and Convention Bureau have envisioned the future of business events. Check out this video reimagining new ways to bring forth the future of business events. 

Modular venue can fit socially distanced audiences of 2,400 

The Vertical Theatre concept is a socially distanced venue solution that enables audiences to return to live events in larger numbers than would otherwise be possible. Featuring social bubble seating, global streaming facilities and natural ventilation; a modular design allows for a variety of formats and structures. Check out the video for a better idea of this interesting concept.

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