Oath Brand Launch Wins at Gala Awards

We’re excited to announce that the Oath 2017 Brand Launch won the award for ‘Best Event Staged in Multiple Locations’ at the 2018 Gala Awards. The category recognizes an event that repeats in various locations within a short time frame. The award ceremony took place at Morial Convention Center in New Orleans, as part of The Special Event 2018 (the same conference where FIRST Vice Presidents, Jen Kauf and Adam Suellentrop, led a session on “Apply Themes of Festivalization to Your Next B2B Event”).

Oath technology vending machine

The events were part of the rebrand combining AOL and Yahoo into new digital media powerhouse, “Oath.” The project required repeating the program for agency partners and employees in many locations within a short timeframe, and FIRST was charged with taking the new name, positioning, brand attributes, and values, and disrupting the marketplace while leaving a lasting positive impression.

The result was that 7,500-plus oaths were made by Oath clients at 20 top digital advertising agencies in 5 cities in the US and UK.  5,500-plus gifts were distributed, and these in-office activations resulted in more than nine million targeted impressions.

men playing foosball at Oath brand launch
Oath photobooth with props

During this period Oath also set its sights on internal unification, with FIRST producing simultaneous events for employees at 55 global office locations, from Tai Pei to San Francisco, on June 29. The events, ranging in size from 50 to 1,500 employees, included happy hours, full-fledged parties with performances and photo booths, and Oath-branded activities. Some 9,600 employees engaged in the experiences across 17 countries.

Congratulations to the nominees and winners of the 2018 Gala Awards. Learn more about the Award winners and The Special Event 2018 here.

Team celebrating at Oath Brand Launch