Inspiration Station: Micro-Experiences and Micro-Influencers

Experiences are returning


Experiences are returning with even greater vivacity as consumers are chomping at the bit for novel adventures and pursuing exciting activities, all as soon as they can get their hands on them.

Experiences don’t just offer consumers a way out of their homes; they offer consumers a way out of their minds. Many used the pandemic as a time to find their niche, express themselves in creative ways, learn new skills, and create their own realities. This can be seen in the overall aesthetic change in generations. Minimalism was the dominant aesthetic of the 2010s but the tides have changed since 2020; people are enjoying surrounding themselves with vibrance and character – encouraging people to accumulate and create an environment with things that make them feel good and let them craft their own ‘vibe’.

Before we dive in…


What are micro experiences?
Micro-experiences offer a novel experience for those willing to engage on a more intimate level.

What are micro-influencers?
According to MediaKix, micro-influencers are defined as accounts with anywhere from 10,000-50,000 followers. A micro-influencer has a smaller following and stronger relationships built on niches and trust with their community.

In this volume, we’ll explore how people are seeking and creating micro-experiences that allow them to create worlds of their own and have shared authentic experiences with similar-minded people, which has led to the rise of the micro-influencer.


From Netflix Party to lo-fi live-streams, some of the most popular areas of internet culture come from a sense of simultaneity – the ability to experience something together, even when apart. Whether it’s sports, dramas, reality shows, or a live-streamed event, there is a growing trend for watching alongside other viewers and even listening to or reading their reactions. The watch-along seeks to fill the void left by the communal viewing experience. There have also been a growing number of features on streaming apps where people can arrange to simultaneously start a show at the same time, and share reactions either by camera or chat. Watching videos with others, whether physically or in the virtual world, heightens immediacy, generating a stronger sense of connection.


For millions in the US, Mondays are Bachelor nights. E-News allows previous contestants to take over their social channels to live-react to the show alongside viewers.


Lo-Fi Hip Hop Beats

Streams of lo-fi hip-hop beats have also become gathering places for people looking to focus or relax together. Lofi Girl is at the center of this, an amassing 930 million streams from people turning to her for company 24/7.

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lo-fi girl


Similarly, Hearo.Live allows users to host TV viewing parties, with upwards of 35 US broadcast services available. The ‘multiplayer TV’ start-up takes inspiration from the rise of multiplayer gaming.


A 2021 trend report from Pinterest that looks at what users are engaging with shows an increasing number of people are throwing “micro-parties”.

Google trends also show a recent spike in searches for terms like “tiny party”. In some cases, it’s a miniaturized version of an event, all about celebrating the small stuff: a “my bad flatmate moved out” bash, a “my son can sit up” shindig, or an “I adopted a pet” party. According to Pinterest, “adopt a pet birthday party ideas” went up 85%, and “breakup cake” searches doubled.

Bringing this trend to life can look like videos on how to help people create memorable small moments, hosting a getaway just because, or targeting random milestones and making it into an experiential celebration.


According to Vice, 81% of Gen Zers say that an experience is ‘fun’ because you can share moments with others. Every interaction plays a role in building a space they feel they belong. They must feel like being there is not necessarily being part of something big and splashy, but something intimate and personal. Many will seek to achieve this by prioritizing more local, community-based events and spotlighting emerging talent.

Sofar Sounds

Sofar Sounds is a company that brings live music to surprising venues.

Unannounced local artists in undisclosed, unique locations make for unexpected music experiences that feel exclusive, intimate, and community-driven. Sofar Sounds now pops up in over 200 cities – on rooftops, in apartments, churches, art galleries, breweries, and more.

In addition to bringing in local artists, Sofar Sounds prides themselves on introducing big artists and being a part of their stories. Sofar Sounds has helped Billie Eilish, Leon Bridges, and more enter the music scene. Because the artists are unannounced, guests arrive with an open mindset – there are no expectations, and everyone’s curious to discover something new. Audiences vary from around 50 to 150 and the intimate setting means that guests are encouraged to mix with performers by asking questions, or speaking to them during the intervals (because gigs don’t take place in venues, there are no green rooms separating the artists).

sofar sounds local party


WithOthers s a benefit concert matchmaker, launched in Los Angeles with a mission to connect nonprofit organizations with emerging artists for intimate benefit concerts. Furthering the intimate experience trend, artist-created events in your community let guests enjoy a meaningful, local and safe event.


Solange Curates Black Art

Artist Solange has launched a free community library for rare works of Black creativity, ranging from art catalogs to history books. The platform, part of a surge in appreciation for Black storytelling, aims to educate and inspire through works selected by guest curators.

Learn more

Solange Curates Black Art

Valentino Spotlights Young Designers

Valentino is transforming its Instagram into a platform for young designers, starting with Marco Rambaldi, the Italian fashion house will pass over its social media account to one emerging label each season. Valentino will then continue to spotlight guest designers each season thereafter.

Learn More

Valentino Spotlights Young Designers

Micro-Influencers Creating Compelling Content

User-driven creation is anticipated to play a huge role in the future of marketing. Popular creators are savvy marketers, with a knack for finding innovative ways to engage with their viewers. Popular creators are becoming icons. Millennials think YouTube stars are bigger trendsetters than celebrities.

Creators have built strong relationships with their fans, are experts in programming, and can help share your brand message in an authentic and engaging way. Creators are nimble. Working with them can be a fast and cost-effective way to supplement creative work.

Today, 50 million people comprise the $100 billion creator economy; as the internet enters a new era in which we have more experiences online, creators will continue enriching experiences.


Here are 3 ways brands are working with content creators:


Audi’s content partner, Casey Perry, creates compelling video content with Audi’s latest vehicles, from going on road trips to cinematic photo shoots of the luxury car. With his unique collage style editing, the content is clearly a staple of Casey’s style, and pairs well with the brand’s aesthetics.

Audi Micro Influencer

The Metaverse

Already, many people, including players of Roblox, Unreal Engine, and Second Life, are familiar with the fun of crafting custom virtual worlds – 58% of children are currently able to make their own digital content, according to the Lego Foundation. Now, accessible content generation allows anyone the option to be a digital architect and create the experiences of their dreams in virtual reality. The Metaverse has a great advantage for content creators who have to look into emerging technologies to deliver their content in a better way. Creators use Roblox to sell digital products for avatars. Brands like Gucci and Adidas create their own digital brands within Roblox. Special for content creators, allows you to sell social media posts as NFTs.

Micro Influencers in the Metaverse and their avatars


DoorDash considers both its merchants and delivery workers, or dashers, to be creators. Dasher Bentley Koup creates DoorDash Diaries on YouTube that aim to be a resource for fellow delivery people. @bikedasher creates short-form videos on TikTok that shares the chronicles of delivering orders on a bicycle each day.

DoorDash Micro Influencer


There are several opportunities for brands to partner with creators.


The importance of authenticity when partnering with creators comes in finding the right partner. Consumers are on the lookout for partnerships that feel forced.

Prioritize diversity and inclusion.
Engaging a diverse range of creators brings unique perspectives that can reach a broad group of consumers.

Go beyond a one-time partnership.
Whether it’s consulting on a campaign’s tone, hiring talent for internal workshops or embedding creator talent into campaigns, long-term creator partnerships create more trust and authenticity with the talent and their audiences.

Trust the creators.
Creators have their unique voice and creative expression – they know what their audience wants and how to create content that resonates.

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