FIRST to Present at EventTech 2017

FIRST New York’s Vice President of Strategy, Jennifer Kauf, and Vice President of Client Services, Adam Suellentrop, will present at Event Marketer’s EventTech 2017 on, “Five Rules for Marrying Technology and Storytelling.” The conference will take place in Las Vegas from November 13-15. EventTech is one of the industry’s fastest-growing conferences, and aims to spark discussion about utilizing social media and technology to aid the reinvention, re-imagination, extension, and amplification of live experiences.

Five Rules for Marrying Technology and Storytelling
Now more than ever, the pressure is on to create highly curated, impactful, personal experiences for attendees. Events need to resonate and inspire at every touchpoint using the right technology to make experiences memorable. In this session, learn how to intertwine technology seamlessly throughout an event to tell a stronger brand story, with case studies from AOL (now Oath) and LG. Explore the concept of the “crossover activation,” one that incorporates art, digital, audio, visual, and physical layers to convey the brand message. Gain best practices and tips for using the right technology to convey a message, and transform every event into a story worth sharing.

Catch up on the day here.


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