Event Marketer’s 2019 ‘Top 100 Agency It List’ is out, and FIRST is thrilled to be recognized for the seventh consecutive year.  In an ever-growing landscape, the ‘It List’ identifies the top 100 agencies leading the events industry and delivering best-in-class results. This year, the It List put an emphasis on strategic thinking, creative culture, and work. This year’s list targeted the most innovative companies, and FIRST is delighted to be recognized.

More on the ‘It List’ by Event Marketer:

This year’s list is comprised of start-ups and boutiques, legacy shops and monolithic organizations. Some have a few dozen employees, and some, hundreds worldwide. Some specialize in b-to-b, while others, in b-to-c. Some, in a little of both.

Every year, for the past 17, Event Marketer huddles together for several weeks, scrutinizing newbies and veterans alike, digging through portfolios of work, and tracking the standout programs that captured the industry’s attention—all to provide the brand community the list of who it should be working with this year, and why.

Find out more about the Event Marketer It List here.

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