Multiple FIRST team members attended IBTM, including Account Director, Theo Brown, who had the opportunity to moderate a panel on the mainstage titled “The Future of Events: Neuro inclusion as a channel to cultivating belonging,” featuring Anne Wheat (Event Operations General Manager, Google) and Ellie Middleton (Founder of (un)masked). The discussion focused on the importance of neurodiversity and inclusion at events, highlighting innovative approaches and best practices.


Neurodiversity and inclusion in event design and execution is one of the most prominent themes emerging from IBTM World and recent industry reports. Creating events that are accessible and inclusive for individuals with diverse neurological needs is no longer a suggestion, but a necessity. Simple steps like providing sensory kits, quiet spaces, and clear communication can significantly enhance the experience for everyone. There are initiatives that can be implemented, like the Sunflower Lanyard scheme, which discreetly indicates individuals who may need assistance, further fostering a welcoming and inclusive environment.