BizBash recently shared an ‘Event Snapshot’ on the LG SIGNATURE gallery in New York that was designed to appear transparent from the outside. An excerpt from the article is here:

To celebrate the launch of LG’s Signature brand, the electronics company partnered with event and production agency FIRST and HS Ad USA to showcase new products in the LG Signature Gallery, a structure designed to appear transparent to passersby in New York.

The four-sided structure, which came to Rockefeller Center from October 6 to 10, was created with LED panels that projected content to provide a see-through illusion. “Through a combination of high-resolution image capture and media servers, the transparent gallery ‘look’ was achieved by capturing live video images from one side of the structure and ‘mapping’ that content onto the opposite side of the structure, ” says Michael Reese, senior vice president of creative and design at FIRST. “This technique allowed passersby to see what was on the other side of the building, making it appear transparent. The technical solution is achieved with SLR cameras for video capture, Watchout media servers for mapping, blending and playback, and six-millimeter [pixel-pitch] LED tiles completely surrounding the structure.”

You can read the full ‘Event Snapshot’ on the BizBash website.

Man on red carpet at LG Signature event