Northwell Health Foundation Virtual Constellation Gala


Bring the Northwell Health Foundation Constellation Gala into an intimate virtual gathering, celebrating Northwell Health’s vaccine efforts in reinvigorating New York City and their impact on communities, with a focus on their behavioral health initiatives.

Colin Jost Hosts Northwell Health Foundation Virtual Constellation Gala


To create an exclusive and engaging livestream, we elevated the content through a seamless storyline supported by emcee Colin Jost, Co-Head Writer, SNL and a partnership with the award-winning musical, Dear Evan Hansen, for an exclusive, behind the scenes look into their first day back in rehearsals.

Colis Jost Hosts Northwell Health Foundation Virtual Constellation Gala


Driving home the concept that Northwell Health views healthcare differently, FIRST supported their content strategy to bring patient impact stories and the importance of mental health to the forefront.  

Because Northwell Health serves communities impacted by an increase in suicides among teens and young adults, viewers were transported behind the scenes of Dear Evan Hansen, telling the story of how much mental health matters with a performance of the song, “You Will Be Found.” This is the same song that Northwell Health’s Nurse Choir sang as they catapulted to national fame for the finale of America’s Got Talent during the fall of 2021. The cast was also interviewed about how the vaccine has allowed them to get back to work, thanking Northwell Health for their part in reopening their doors so they can continue to spread their message to audiences.


Dear Evan Hansen Broadway Cast Partners With Northwell Health Foundation Virtual Constellation Gala


FIRST strategically provided and executed the full concept with television quality and the latest broadcast technology. We managed the virtual platform for the livestream, creating a seamless experience for attendees to enjoy the event online.

FIRST creatively directed the program, scripted the full half-hour show and on-camera talent, established video footage, edited all video segments, and designed the staging of the set at Lenox Hill Manhattan Eye, Ear & Throat Hospital’s historic Great Hall.

Dear Evan Hansen Choir - Northwell Health Foundation Virtual Constellation Gala

Watch Dear Evan Hansen’s “You Will Be Found” performance ->