IndeedWorks Virtual Roadshow


FIRST worked with Indeed to break through the screen and execute the IndeedWorks Virtual Roadshow, delivering up to 8 events per quarter spanning 10 regions (India, France, Canada, UK, US, Japan and Netherlands). The goal of this event was to create hot opportunities for new Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs).  


For the IndeedWorks Virtual Roadshow our teams employed a bespoke platform with localized designs and interactivity for consistency across all markets, while our producers worked with Indeed to regionalize agendas incorporating pre-recorded content with up to 5 speakers, live panels, live Q&As and on-demand content.


Championing virtual attendee engagement and to help highlight the hottest leads, live, moderated  Q&As were open throughout the events for attendees to ask for more details and react to content in real-time.

To further enhance the attendee experience and to immediately connect attendees to Indeed Sales Representatives, we opened a Virtual Discovery Space at the close of each session, providing additional resources and live 1:1 virtual networking opportunities.


-Each of the virtual events to date saw an average attendance of 590 unique viewers.

-72% retention rate.

-On average, 55% of attendees tuned in live for the full 120 minute live virtual event.



Surprise and delight moments included guest appearances from top influencers within the key markets, such as Joe Wicks and Shilpa Shetty, as well as exclusive keynotes from Indeed partners, clients and internal evangelists.



“I want to thank you for all the hard work, prep, planning, guides, docs, the seamless execution, calls, answering of countless questions and early starts. I know my internal stakeholders very much enjoyed working with you and you made them and all of our speakers feel at ease. It was an unknown world we have all ventured into and you made the process so much easier, less stressful and kept me calm! I honestly don’t know how I could have done these events without you.”

 Laura Harbison, Global Event Manager, Indeed

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