Carlyle Global Investor Conference 2022


Calling on FIRST as a trusted partner for over a decade, Carlyle sought to transform their annual Investor Conference (traditionally held at a hotel venue) into a multi-day global hybrid event – turning it into a unique, high-touch networking experience with curated content to highlight their capabilities.


FIRST knows that brands can make meaningful connections with an audience by giving them access to the content they want, whenever, and however they choose to view it.

Through an inventive, tech-forward space, FIRST would immerse attendees in a shared networking experience [both live and virtual] where Carlyle could showcase their brand and create conversations that would last long after the conference.


FIRST strategically tailored the design and production of a multi-day event; transforming Center 415, a raw 30K sq. ft. event space, into a modern, immersive experience.

  • Utilizing multiple locations centered around Carlyle’s NYC office, FIRST built a convenient hub for attendees – filled with general sessions, breakouts, workspace and meals, including a dinner with a featured keynote speaker. 
  • A 9 ft. tall branded wall, stylish furniture and floral arrangements set the tone for the event.
  • A 20’ deep stage, three LED screens, a state-of-the-art audio system, alongside ten cameras capturing all angles of the room for virtual attendees.
  • Breakout rooms featuring branded wall clings and wraps.
  • End-to-end project management via 120 staffers made for a seamless client experience.
  • FIRST used 100% biodegradable disposables and produced a zero-waste, sustainable event in terms of food & beverages.


Over 1K attendees across channels were part of the multi-day hybrid event, with participation rates exceeding expectations.

Successfully transformed the entire 30K square ft. venue to highlight the innovation of Carlyle.

Zero waste event in terms of food and beverages throughout the whole multi-day experience.

FIRST effectively accommodated end-to-end project management via 120 staffers – from a series of networking events spanning multiples regions to a global, multi-day, large-scale global event in NYC

Overwhelming positive feedback from attendees:

– “Well prepared & presented. Excellent staff.”

– “Terrific. Thanks for the great content.”

Won silver for People’s Choice Award – Marketing, Communications & Strategy at the 2023 Eventex Awards.

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