Storytelling Delivery Trends in 2023

Stories told today


In the first chapter of our Storytelling mini-series, we looked at the human insights behind why the art of storytelling is so effective today and how FIRST approaches any storytelling content strategy with our current Storytelling Principles. If you missed it, check it out here.


Now onto the HOW. Read on to see what recent trends are shaping the way brands communicate authentically with their audiences today.

Short Form Video


Short-form video is content under 2 minutes and is most popular and effective social media format. Short form is more likely to grab attention and hold it, since it can be quickly scanned and evaluated in a matter of seconds. 

Another factor that contributes to the effectiveness of short form content is its ability to create a sense of urgency or excitement. By condensing information into a shorter format, content creators can create a more impactful and memorable experience for their audience. 

From a psychological perspective, short form content works well because it taps into our desire for instant gratification. When we consume short form content, we are often rewarded with a quick burst of information or entertainment that satisfies our need for stimulation.

Unfiltered Content


Unfiltered content allows viewers to really get to know a brand. As humans, we want to buy into other people’s stories and experiences. This type of content, which is raw, unscripted, and often behind the scenes, has gained popularity, with people being drawn to real, unfiltered content because it creates a sense of connection and authenticity.

With the help of content creators, brands have been creating raw content like Vogue’s Get Ready With Me and Guy With A Movie Camera. Unique and unfiltered interview styles have emerged from Hot Ones to Chicken Shop Date

Social platforms like BeReal have grown to 10 million daily active users, rising from 10,000 in 2021. The premise of the app is to take a photo with the back and front camera at a random time each day, leading to more authentic content. TikTok has now introduced TikTok Now, a similar feature. 

Exciting Technology


People are increasingly yearning for novel, interactive experiences. Experiential technology has been a vehicle for enhancing  experiences and satisfy this growing demand. 

AR: Disney+ released its first AR short film, ‘Remembering.’ The movie uses an AR app that allows users to watch an extension of the movie on their phone.

VR: Bigscreen VR is a virtual hub to hang out, collaborate, play games, and watch movies together. 

Virtual Sets: House of the Dragon’s virtual production harnesses computer-generated content that allows real-time visualisation,  drawing on Unreal Engine technology. The LED stage has more than 2,000 LED screens and 92 motion capture cameras. Motion capture and camera tracking ensures the imagery displayed on the LED reacts to the movement of the physical camera.

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