Univision Virtual Upfront


Bring Univision’s traditionally in-person annual Upfront to life virtually.

Univision posed the challenge of cutting through the noise of the many brands vying for digital space in what is, even pre- COVID-19, a very crowded arena, to introduce their upcoming programming to advertising agency partners and the media, kicking off the buying period ahead of the Fall schedule. Their message: Even in challenging times, Univision can accelerate growth for ad buyers with the Hispanic consumer.


FIRST strategized with Univision to adapt what was traditionally a 2 day in-person experiential event into a month-long digital experience. This started with a live virtual Business Update on the original May Upfront date featuring interviews with Univision executives and industry experts from Nielsen, and culminated in a June virtual Upfront and press conference.

FIRST focused in on how best to elevate and deliver Univision’s content, to break through the screen and engage their audience at a time when everyone was feeling video-fatigue, and provide the press with the exclusive ‘inside scoop’ on the year ahead.

Univision Upfront Virtual woman presenter 2020


To build anticipation and break through to the audience, Univision launched a dynamic registration site and countdown, mailed viewing companion kits that included notebooks, pens, and provided QR-coded graphics linking to key messaging. Communications drove attendees to a digital hub and viewing guide.

The virtual Upfront was streamed live using the latest digital technology to 3,200 simultaneous viewers and included pre-recorded segments with executive talent. FIRST collaborated with local health and safety guidelines to virtually coach speakers, produce segments in broadcast studio environments, and create a powerful high-production show.

The design approach featured advanced creative overlay and AR-style graphics, incorporated different formats for different speakers, and utilized a range of media from motion graphics, sizzle videos, and a musical performance from Pitbull to take attendees on a journey or their story. Immediately after the presentation, press were invited to a Virtual Press Conference for a live executive Q&A.

Univision also invited a number of high-profile industry leaders and celebrity performers including Pitbull to surprise the audience.

Univision Upfront Virtual Event Livestream


Univision doubled past attendance

3,900 impressions


Delivered positive media in Forbes, Variety, and Adweek

Set Univision on a path to beat market sales expectations

Univision Upfront Virtual Broadcast