Effective Online Experiences: Case Studies

Effective Online Experiences: Case Studies

How can you use creative solutions for remote attendees at your next event? Check out these case studies to learn how some FIRST clients have used  technologies for online experiences:

Private Equity Firm’s Investor Day
300 Attendees | Conference | London, UK
A key FIRST client in global private equity, was due to deliver their Annual Investor Conference in London over two days. Due to current health concerns, they made the decision to cancel the event. As their events partner, we proposed and proactively took actions to ensure that the firm’s key messages and core content were still delivered to the 300, now remote, attendees. A team of content producers, script writers, graphics specialists, video editors, and video production crews were swiftly arranged to set-up studios in the client’s New York and London offices to record all content. A true global effort, our teams of editors thoughtfully stitched the footage and content together, embedded graphics, and prepared the content for an engaging broadcast. With clear communication and detailed instructions, attendees were able to join the live-streamed conference at the scheduled times over both days, via a dedicated channel.

Verizon Media NewFront
1,000 Attendees | Media NewFront | New York, NY
FIRST teamed up with Verizon Media to produce their NewFront at the new 300 Vesey Skylight Studios in NYC. Together, we brought to life the theme of ‘Connect Everything’ in order to highlight Verizon Media’s leadership in content, ad tech, and partner solutions. The presentation was streamed live on Twitter reaching 135K views and directly to Verizon Media offices around the country. A live AR segment gave a peek into the power of new 5G technology using an animated AR character, Hypezilla, interacting directly with the audience. Speakers included Verizon Media’s CEO, Guru Gowrappan, Jets quarterback, Sam Darnold, and actress, Julianne Moore.

The New York Times New Rules Summit
250 Attendees | Thought Leadership | Brooklyn, NY
FIRST partnered with The New York Times to create an environment for decision-makers from a myriad of organizations to discuss inclusive, equitable cultures that empower women to succeed. Held at the 1Hotel Brooklyn Bridge, FIRST designed scenic and environmental elements to complement the unique style of the 1Hotel to showcase speakers and content. Guest speakers featured Melinda Gates, America Ferrera, Jamie Dimon, Cecile Richards, and Prime Minister of NZ Jacinda Ardern, who spoke candidly about women in the workplace. The room was set with livestream technology as The New York Times streamed five sessions on Facebook and three on Twitter to extend the experience to live viewers. The Summit was The New York Times’ most streamed event, ever, reaching 93K views for Melinda Gates’ session, 98K views for America Ferrera’s session, and 80K views for Cecile Richards and Samantha Bee’s session.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Mobile Device Launch
5,000 Attendees | Product Launch | New York, NY
The Samsung Galaxy S4 mobile device launch at Radio City Music Hall in New York City, brought together over 5,000 press and VIP attendees for a truly unique ‘Broadway inspired’ experience. To maximize audience reach, the event was livestreamed around the world, and to a viewing area in Times Square. Given the high-stakes nature of the consumer electronic product launch, FIRST provided a dedicated team in partnership with Tully Creative, Thomson Reuters, and Akamai to ensure the technology worked, and content was distributed and delivered flawlessly. Ultimately the livestream feed reached over 1 million viewers, and an additional 2,000+ spectators in Times Square. We had over 500,000 simultaneous viewers, with an additional livestream in China, adding 100,000-200,000 views.

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