Peter G. Peterson Economic Forum

An inaugural Peter G. Peterson Economic Forum, designed to provide information from top fiscal and public policy experts.





Virtual Forum


The Peter G. Peterson Foundation kicked off a three-part livestream series with the first forum featuring Phillip Swagel, Director, Congressional Budget Office, who joined Michael Peterson, CEO, of the Foundation, to discuss the steps to rebuilding the economy post-pandemic. FIRST provided comprehensive consultation, from the right platform options for an impactful event to best practices in how individuals are taking in digital content, and full digital execution to deliver the seamless virtual meeting through speaker coaching, rehearsals, production, and technical implementation. The engagement strategy of the livestream showcased the content as the focus, connecting with audience members through short segments, highly impactful speakers, and a live Q&A portion for audience/speaker interactions. As a result, a majority of viewers watched the entire 30-minute livestream.

Watch the livestream here:

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