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Fitbit and their partner FleishmanHillard tapped FIRST to create an immersive and celebratory experience for Fitbit’s newest product launch, to give consumers and influencers an opportunity to embody their new vision of strength, coined as “strengthful”, by quite literally smashing old stereotypes.

Fitbit Product Launch
Fitbit Product Launch Strengthful


The strategy and creative teams had an interactive approach of ‘smash rooms’ that have been popular for renewing a sense of empowerment and allowing for a positive release of emotions, and directly relating to smashing stereotypes.

The in-person experience looked to have consumers write the stereotype they want to smash on a jar, and smash it with a baseball bat, with post-able and shareable moments along the way. At the end of the event, the broken jars would form a collective art installation. 

With the changing COVID-19 restrictions, FIRST had to reimagine and pivot to a virtual adaptation, ultimately creating a similar journey put into a sleek box to be shipped to consumers for a robust experience at home.

Fitbit Product Launch Strengthful
Fitbit Product Launch Strengthful Virtual Experience Mailer


We created a mailer which featured a QR code with a personal video message from Meg Boggs, a fitness influencer, who started off the experience. 

Consumers were instructed to write their personal stereotype they want to smash on a tile, put on safety goggles, place it into a bag, and smash it. From there, they sent it back for a Kintsugi artist to create a beautiful coaster, which was gifted alongside a leather Fitbit strap with their chosen word embossed on it.


Fitbit Product Launch Strengthful Virtual Dropkit


  • The “What’s Strong With You” campaign was featured in Adweek
  • Meg Boggs highlighted her partnership in Shape Magazine
  • Sent to over 30 influencers and journalists