Graphs and Data are Useful but They Can’t Measure Feelings






Phil Staines, Global Account Director at FIRST, shared his thoughts around data versus emotion in C&IT Magazine’s Summer edition.

We are in an age obsessed with data and measuring every variable. [Data] is critical to any business or event, but you can’t always measure ‘buzz’ or that feeling of experiencing something new. There has to be balance.

Data is a cornerstone of an event strategy: you need to know the impact of your event, prove ROI on your spending, and show the right demographics are engaging with your brand. However, making someone truly ‘feel’ isn’t something you can measure.

So, how can you create the perfect balance between data and emotional returns? Build data into your event strategy and try to prove the value of what you do, but don’t be frightened to be bold and make people feel, even if it can’t be quantified. When an audience feels something, not only do they remember the experience, but they share it. You can’t always quantify or measure this, but feeling leaves a long-lasting impression that a graph just cannot articulate. After all, metrics are great but don’t forget to create a memorable experience.


Read the full feature in C&IT Magazine here.


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