FIRST VPs Jen Kauf and Adam Suellentrop to Present at The Special Event 2018




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FIRST Vice President, Experiential Strategy, Adam Suellentrop, and Vice President of Strategy, Jen Kauf, will present a session at The Special Event 2018 in New Orleans called “Apply Themes of Festivalization to Your Next B2B Event”. Adam and Jen will be speaking from a wealth of knowledge and experience on the changing landscape of B2B events at the conference on Tuesday, January 30 at 9:45am.

The Special Event is an industry leading tradeshow and conference, welcoming over 5,000 attendees including industry professionals, exhibitors and mentors. The duo will cover the landscapes of festivalization: WHAT are the numbers, WHY does the trend matter in B2B events, and WHY now.

The session will use video and 360-degree digital components, audience interaction and question opportunities, as Jen and Adam discuss how to incorporate best practices from festivals into your b-to-b event’s objectives, a presentation not to be missed.


More on Jen Kauf, Vice President, Strategy, FIRST:

Building a client’s story into an engaging live event requires both business savvy and creative flair. It’s a balancing act Jen executes with precision, bringing objectives-driven strategies and innovative thinking in equal measure to every corporate meeting or event brought her way. Throughout her career in experiential marketing, Jen has crafted a variety of award-winning event marketing initiatives, guerrilla programs, and promotional campaigns for brands such as GE, NBC Universal, and A&E. During her tenure with FIRST, Jen has overseen the creative development process for experiences including AOL NewFronts, Mastercard Sales Leadership Meetings, The New York Times thought leadership conferences, and Samsung product launches.


More on Adam Suellentrop, Vice President, Experiential Strategy, FIRST:

The process of transforming a brand’s story into a living, breathing event requires a logistics expert, a coach, a budget master, a calming presence, and someone with the flair for theatrics. Adam Suellentrop brings all these skills to his work at FIRST, working with top experiential accounts.  He has driven the agency to new levels with his tireless quest to find the next cool thing. He’s always on the clock, strategically matchmaking new marketing trends with the right clients to enhance their events or meetings. He’s produced high-profile press events, product launches, upfronts, sales conferences, leadership meetings, incentives, and multimedia installations spanning NYC, Shanghai, Buenos Aires and Bangalore, for brands including LG, Samsung, Oath (formerly AOL), Mastercard, Bergdorf Goodman and UNICEF.


For more information visit The Special Event 2018.

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